Leading Edge Technologies

Leading Edge Technologies

-Fully automated facility

-Hybrid technology boards

-Mixed dielectric construction

-250 mils maximum board thickness

-0.25 oz minimum and 5 oz maximum copper

-4 mils traces and spacing (with 0.5 oz copper)

-5 mils annular ring and 9 mils clearance

-6 mils finished hole

-4 mils finish hole (Blind via) on up to 15 mils core

-12 : 1 aspect ratio (laminate thickness to drill hole)

-4 mils min. inner layer cores

-0.5 mm SMT pitch and 0.8 mm BGA pitch

-2 mils solder mask dams between SMT pads

-Controlled impedance modeling with TDR testing

-Maximum panel size 18" x 24" for the balance

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